Welcome to either 3053, 3055, 3073, 3075, 3083 and 3085 Finger Road. We are so happy to host you during your visit to Green Bay. These properties are owned by Jon (aka Rick) and Renee Skogg other than 3053 and 3055 which are owned by Skogg Investments, LLC.. Let us know if you need anything. Please make a note of our website, If you are interested, you can book directly with us in the future.


The property is equipped with a gas forced air furnace and central air conditioning. Please keep doors and windows shut while heating and cooling is on.


This is a touch screen thermostat. Adjust the temperature to your liking. Maximum heat and cooling temperatures have been locked into the thermostat. Second floor sensors are located upstairs and they relay temperature readings to the main thermostat. It is usually placed in the king bedroom somewhere. They do two things. They detect temperature and they also detect motion. There are no cameras involved. Motion detection simply helps the host know when a property has been vacated.


The modem and router are located in 3055 Finger Road Please do not tamper with, unplug or relocate the equipment under any circumstances. The property at 3053 Finger Road also uses this internet feed. Internet service is provided by Spectrum

Logging On: Find MyGreenBayPad. There is currently no password required. Fill in your name and contact information and proceed.


There are two ways to get local channels on the TVs. You can find them on the Spectrum TV app along with hundreds of other channels. The second way to find them is by selecting the antenna as the source. Streaming apps like Netfilix and Amazon Prime are available. Use your own credentials to log into them.


You have by this time already provided us with a 6 digit numerical code for the front door lock. We have programmed your code into the lock. Use your code to lock and unlock the door as you come and go from the property. There is a Schlage lock adapter plugged into an electrical outlet somewhere in the living room. Do not under any circumstances remove, relocate or unplug the adapter from the wall. The adapter is used for the host to communicate with the lock and will cause the lock to malfunction if it is not plugged in.


You are welcome to park on the driveway. You are also welcome to park your vehicle inside the garage. Remote controls for the garage are not available for stays less than 2 weeks long.

Parking on the city street is prohibited unless you have a permit.


Please keep the overhead garage door closed at all times. Also, be sure that the service door in the garage is shut and locked at all times.


The maximum number of overnight guests allowed at 3053 Finger Road is 8.

The maximum number of overnight guests allowed at 3055 Finger Road is 6.

The maximum number of overnight guests allowed at 3073 Finger Road is 6.

The maximum number of overnight guests allowed at 3075 Finger Road is 4.

The maximum number of overnight guests allowed at 3083 Finger Road is 4.

The maximum number of overnight guests allowed at 3085 Finger Road is 6.


The rental rate is sensitive to the number of guests staying overnight at the property. Our base pricing is for two guests. Additional fees are charged for each guest over the first two guests up to the maximum number of guests allowed at your property. If your guest count has changed, please inform us as soon as possible and an adjustment will be made.


Security cameras are used on the exterior of the property. They are there for your safety and also the protection of the property. There are no cameras inside the property however there is one in the garage but it faces away from the property towards the street.


Wednesday is pick up day and usually happens early. Your host will stop by to put the garbage out usually sometime on Tuesday. We will open the garage door, pull the bins out and close the garage door. We will come back on Wednesday to put them back into the garage.


The exterior garage lights go on at dark. There is no way for you to control them. WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER Laundry detergent, bleach, Shout Out and dryer sheets are provided for your use.


Two rolls of paper toweling and several rolls of toilet paper are provided at the start of your stay. Additional paper products needed are at your expense.


Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided, They are community containers. Please do not take them when you check out. Kitchen dish soap and dishwasher soap is located under the kitchen sink.

GAS FIREPLACE (3053 and 3055 only)

Your unit is equipped with a gas fireplace. A wall switch nearby turns it on. Please do not leave the fireplace unattended while in operation. The pilot light is shut off in late spring, summer and early fall making it unusable.

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