Summer Adventures Await: Crafting Your Green Bay Bucket List

With summer still several weeks away, now is an ideal moment to begin pondering your warm-weather plans! Green Bay offers a plethora of options for those who enjoy outdoor exploration, uncovering hidden treasures, or partaking in local events. So, gather your sunscreen and swimsuit – let’s ensure this summer becomes an unforgettable one!

Craft Your Summer Bucket List

Summer serves as the prime time to embark on fresh adventures and forge enduring memories by delving into new experiences. Here are a few ideas for your summer bucket list:

Green Bay Summer Events

Numerous events are set to unfold in Green Bay this summer! While our events page offers a comprehensive listing, a few noteworthy mentions include the 50th annual Oneida Pow Wow (June 28-30), the Water Lantern Festival (July 13), and Artstreet (August 23-25).

Initiate a New Summer Hobby

This summer offers the perfect opportunity to delve into a new hobby you’ve been eyeing but haven’t yet had the chance to explore. Whether it’s fly fishing, outdoor photography, or stand-up paddleboarding, Green Bay provides the ideal setting to pursue your interests!

Uncover Fresh Hidden Gems

This summer, venture into new territories for exciting escapades! Consider racing along the dual zip lines at the Adventure Park, embarking on a lively water tour aboard the Foxy Paddler Party Boat, or partaking in the Soar on the Shore kite festival at Algoma’s Crescent Beach!

Plan Your Waterfront Weekends

When envisioning an ideal summer weekend, picture lazy days spent basking by the water. Green Bay offers ample opportunities for boating, fishing, kayaking, or sailing adventures!

Refresh Your Summer Gear

Prepare yourself with the necessary gear for your Green Bay summer exploits. Fortunately, we offer various options to assist you in crossing this task off your to-do list.

Plan Ahead for Summer

As daylight stretches longer and temperatures climb, it’s time to orchestrate your summertime escapades. Whether you’re angling for a day of fishing, unearthing the area’s hidden gems, or cruising along open roads, Green Bay guarantees a fulfilling experience!

For further inspiration, including lodging and dining suggestions, feel free to peruse a digital copy of our latest Destination Guide.

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